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I was just wondering because my friend told me that Ash's Chimchar evolved in the sky and came down as a Monferno (I have not seen the Sinnoh League so I don't know).

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^ lol Monferro

Ability: Iron Monkey Fist
Ability should be Iron Fist Barbs tbh

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Well, the Anime is never Accurate. Talking Pokemon Game logic though, they technically evolve in their pokeballs since there isnt a cutscene of Pokemon getting out of their balls and glowing. so the answer is yes

EDIT: For the Anime, NOPE. Anime Logic does not match the games, Proof: This episode, dont remember which. was in bw tho, Juniper & Bianca Traded their Karrablast & Shelmet. when they sent it out, they started to Evolve

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What about in the anime
check my updated answer
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Anime, no, game, yep :)