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The question says it all, people.


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If you picked Torchic: Given to you by Steven on Route 120.

If you did not pick Torchic: The Blazikenite can be purchased from the Old Man by the water on Route 114, just outside of Fallarbor Town, for 1500 Poké Dollars. BE careful! He will try to sell you Hard Stones for the same price. This occurs after the Primal Groudon/Kyogre narrative, but can be obtained pre-Elite 4.

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Thanks! I found her stone already!
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If you picked torchic as your starter you get the mega stone from Steven on route 119 on the bridge after the battle with Kecleon.

If your starter wasn't torchic you get the stone on route 114 from an old man sitting down after the battle with Groudon/Kyorge for 1,500

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If your starter was blaziken Steven will give you his mega stone on route 120
if not theres a old man who will sell you the mega stone on route 114
He also sells the mega stone for the other starter you didnt receive.
Sceptile - Withered Tree
Blaziken- Fading Fire
Swampert- Ebb Tide

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