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Remember the GS Ball?

I remember it being all the rage when I was about 8/9 years old due to the anime and the 2nd Generations of 'mon games, then it just vanished and was NEVER mentioned again.

Do we know something new now, since it's been over 12 years? (God I feel old)

Also, other things I like to know:

  • Is its catch rate different than other pokéballs?
  • Is it obtainable in other games other than the Japanese G/S/C?
  • What are its differences between the Anime, the Games and the Mangas?
    And who is the creator in each of those?

Here's links that may help you help me find an answer!


Thanks guys!

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your bulbapedia link literally answers everything that is known about it
You see, I know that the link I provided gives MOST of the answers I asked, but let's look at what it doesn't answer.

- Catch rate
- Creator in the anime and games
- What happened to it after Ep 150: Hour of the Houndour

Also, thinking that Bulbapedia is the only reliable site is really, REALLY a stupid thing to do.
It's like saying WIKIPEDIA has everything you need to know about a particular subject.

There is always something else to dig up and somewhere else to look for informations.

And, really, I'll like to hear your reason for why you felt giving me a downvote was necessary.
sure thing, stupid or lazy questions deserve down votes.
Care to enlighten me on how is asking other people for opinions and informations a stupid and/or lazy thing to do?
Opinionated questions aren't allowed. They are meant to go either to the chat room, or the forums (if you can travel to the future that is). This isn't opinionated though, and is genuine enough to be valid here. Especially compared to "wot r polemanz?!" kind of questions.
I asked a worst Pokemon question, although it was by stats

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It's concept was most likely scrapped.

Ever since the Celebi event in Japan, it hasn't seen any appearance or received any new buff. Heck it can't even be used to catch Pokemon. It hasn't been obtainable even in the remakes of GSC, and it's role has only been specified in the games and the manga

Games: It has had a role as an event item to catch Celebi.
Animes: It was originally supposed to contain Celebi, but since Celebi made a star appearance in the fourth movie it would seem redundant that it's also inside that GS ball.
Manga: I'll let Bulbapedia do this one:
>The GS Ball was created by the Masked Man using a net made from the feathers of Lugia and Ho-Oh to capture Celebi. Only the feathers of the two legendary Pokémon could contain Celebi, and prevent their holder from suffering the ill effects of time travel. Gold was able to use Pibu to destroy it and set Celebi free.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks for answering Qwerty, I appreciate it!
Would have been really cool if they did something with it now, related to the movie in a recent episode, just like a one-off.

Have Professor Oak receive the GS ball and then have a flashback to his childhood, he releases the Celebi who just so happens to be the VERY SAME Celebi that Oak met as a child in the movie, wouldn't it be great? He'd let Celebi out, who would then recognize him and it's all emotional because he hasn't seen Celebi since his very own childhood.. Beautiful.