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Actually its 2 questions so if you can only answer 1 then don't answer. only answer if you can answer both

1 Can move tutour move be taught to more than one pokemon? ex: draco meteor for a dragonite and a garchomp

2 if the pokemon forgets the move, day care/tm/level up, can it be taught to that pokemon again? for example: I have a Dragonite that has draco meteor and I accedently or purposely taught it something else like dragon rush, I decide I want draco meteor instead so can it be retaught?

sorry this is such a long explanation hope someone can answer.

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  1. Yes. With more than one of the required item.
  2. Should be able to. I haven't tested it, but it should.
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  1. Yes
  2. Yes give a heart scale to the Move Remeberer and he'll let you get one of your moves back.
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1.: Yes.
2.: If you want Pokémon to remember tutored, egg or TM move, then NO (you can by again using TM or tutor)

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