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To prevent abuse of Riolu's Prankster Copycat Roar strategy, Copycat was nerfed such that if used by a Prankster using a negative priority move, it no longer had priority. Did Mirror Move receive the same nerf?

hmm yea that's interesting. I can only find old news on this; someone needs to test out a Murkrow w/ Prankster & Mirror Move.
That's exactly what I was thinking! Whirlwind Mirror Move Murkrow. I would test it, but I'm not allowed to use my 3DS on school days.
If this isn't answered when I get home, I'll test it myself later tonight. :O
Ooh, thanks! :D
You know what I derped and didn't realise Murkrow needed to be bred both those moves. I'm gonna have to do this tomorrow night if no one does it before then. :I
lel, kk

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As shown, Mirror Move does bypass priority, but you can only abuse it for one turn, as Mirror Move cancels out the minute that the opponent gets switched out. Mirror Move works only on the Move The Target used last, not the user, so Whirlwind+Mirror Move will not work.

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Awesome, thanks! That's a bummer.
No problem!