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I'm buying FireRed but I cant choose between Charmander or Bulbasaur.. Which one is better for the game? Help.

Bulbasaur but that's because I biased. Normally, Fire-type starters are the easier game while Grass-type are more of a challenging game since they have 5 weaknesses. Water-type are a perfect balance between ease and challenge; tho this is my opinion.

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grass types are easy to catch where fire type are rare, plus Charizard has better typing, and in firered he gets metal claw at level 13 to held fight brock.

however Blastiose's line has been statistically proven to be the best option for the game.

first gym good (metal claw)

second gym bad (but lots of grass types in the area that are easy to catch)

third gym neutral (use but magnimite is part steel)

forth gym Great

fifth gym neutral ( but unlike bulbasaur no weakness)

sixth gym neutral ( bulbasaur is immune to poison...)

seventh gym neutral (but not weak, and you have lapras)

eighth gym immune ( its a charizrd now)

charmander wins.

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I totally agree with you! Thankyou!
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Because not only bulbasaur is under used but it can easily counter the first 2 gyms and the eight gyms.And it can also simply stall the third gym.Even though charmander has better typing,you will be having trouble in the first 2 gyms.

If you want challenge,go for bulbasaur .If you want to make the game easy, go for charmander. Decision is yours.But I personally prefer bulbasur.

And also don't forget to catch other Pokemon.

Technically, like what relict9 said, Squirtle has proven to be the best starter for finishing the game. It is super-effective against most of the gyms and elite four. So Squirtle should be used if you want an easy game. Charmander also gets Metal Claw (like what Relict9 said; again.) so it can help beat Brock.
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Bulbasaur!!! Bulbasaur is a better option early game and can get you quite far.

1st gym: Good
2nd gym: Good
3rd gym: Neutral
4th gym: Neutral
5th gym: Neutral
6th gym: Bad
7th gym: Bad
8th gym: Good

If you're able to get a nidoran male, nidoking can be a real help. You'll have a type advantage at 6 gyms (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8) and only stick at one gym (Sabrina). That's just 2 Pokemon. Bulbasaur is a much better in game option.

Thanks for the help!