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I was just wondering probably because I am a stickler for logic and I couldn't find any logic in that.


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Well it's all very scientific,

enter image description here
in Pokemon, the ice type isn't the frozen water type, think of it more of the sub-zero energy type. (this would also explain the whole water resists ice thing they have going) so the heat from desolate land evaporates the water, but the increase in the surrounding temperature isn't drastic enough to affect the sup-zero "ice type" energy.

Game freak logic
(gām frēk lo-jic) definition: logic and reasoning so advanced that mere gaming mortals cannot
comprehend it.

if only I had taught Duskoir ice punch instead...

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Because that doesn't help Groudon

They made that ability to just power up Primal Groudon even more. Ice isn't a problem for Groudon, water is, so they don't need to make them melt.

Oh, and Game Freak showing their carelessness for logic once again.

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What buttersauros said and ice is sometimes to cold to melt. The ice is so cold it freezes the heat.
Also, it's Pokemon, anything may happen. Pokemon defies logic.

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Gamefreak logic and if the ice should melt,it will become water then evaporate too.