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Go! Ditto!
Foe sent out Ditto 2!
Ditto used Transform!
Ditto transformed into Ditto 2!
Foe Ditto used Transform! But it failed!
Foe switches out Ditto and sends out [insert Pokemon here]!
Ditto 2 (really the first ditto) used Transform!

A: Ditto transformed into [insert Pokemon here]!
B: But it failed!

Is A or B what would happen? Or maybe even C? ;-; A replay would be nice. Thanks!


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No Ditto can only transfor once and can not transform into another ditto. Ditto can only transform into anything that isn't ditto

Source: common knowledge of dittology

Okay. Though I did ask for a replay. :\ I'm gonna wait for another answer, but for now I upvoted you.
I won't be able to get a replay
I think it is actually possible for it to transform more than once, but I need someone to help test it.