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lets say I use a meloetta and use calm mind then I switch forms from aria to pirouette will that form get the stat increase from calm mind or does it only get it on aria or does it just the stat increase go away also is calm mind good for meloetta or is shadow ball better?

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The stat increase does indeed stay when you switch into Pirouette Forme. The only thing thing that changes when you switch forms are its Typing which turns Normal Psychic » Normal Fighting, and its stats that make the Pirouette Forme more Physically inclined instead of Specially inclined.

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The Calm Mind stat change stays still even though you switch from Aria to Pirouette forme.
btw, Calm Mind is better on non-Pirouette version because Meloetta-Pirouette has higher attack stat, which means she won't be using the Calm Mind boosts correctly.