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Also, is this set useable?

Cloyster @ white herb
Trait: Skill link
Evs: 252 spe, 252 atk, 4def
-Razor shell
-Rapid spin
-Shell smash
-Rock blast


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to get a shellder with rapid spin and rock blast quickly you need to breed a female almaldo with a male staryu which learns rapid spin at level7 and you will get an almaldo (hopefully male)
with rapid spin and then level it up to level 61 and it will learn rock blast then breed that male almaldo with rock blast and rapid spin with a female shellder and you will get a shellder with rapid spin and rock blast and as for the move set, i'm not good at judging but it looks ok

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Lol, I have to level it up to 61??? Thanks anyway.
the fastest I could come up with:) and I agree that attack should be taught at a lower level
I'd ditch Razor Shell for Icicle Spear