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I used to have pokémon platnium in japanese. I couldnt understand the game (i didnt speak japanese), but after experimenting with buttons I was able to progress about halfway through the game. There was one thing I was able to do that I couldnt find online: make a special effect happen when I threw out a pokéball. For example, stars, hearts, spirals, etc. It seemed to happen everytime I selected a button on the pc and chose a Pokemon. My game wasnt on a real platnium cartilage, it was included with a dozen other games on one disk (all games from different franchises and in different lagnguages), so I'm wondering if it was hacked. I never played the game in english, so I wouldnt know. I do not have the game anymore, and I would like to know more about this effect (if it is normal) and if it appears in other games. If it is completely normal, I would like to know what its called and more about it.

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In Gen IV and in the Sinnoh region, you are able to equip seals to Pokéballs. These seals gave out an effect when a Pokemon was relevant out in battle. They have no battle effects. They are purely Aesthetic.

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Okay, thanks! Ive only played two pokemon games before so i wasnt sure