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I need all 3


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You need to soar with a lvl 100 Pokemon in your party. Fabled Cave is south east of mauville. You can only get either Zekrom or Reshiram depending on which game you have. The other must be traded over. Kyurem will appear at the Gnarled Den near dewford if you have both the others in your party.DNA splicer can be found by using the dowsing machine in the Gnarled Den.


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After you have beaten Reshiram the first time what day of the week does it usually reappear
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  1. Get a Lvl. 100 Pokemon
  2. Soar south of Mt. Pyre to the Fabled Cave
  3. Find the Ring and Catch Reshiram(OR)/Zekrom(AS)

Kyurem and DNA Splicers

  1. Have both Zekrom and Reshiram in your Party
  2. Soar between Meteor Falls and Mt. Chimney to find the Gnarled Den
  3. Enter the Den and Catch Kyurem.
  4. Head to the left with or without the Dowsing Machine to a small 1x1-ish tile and the DNA Splicers are there.

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So about how long with normal training will it take to get my lv. 82 Rayquaza  to lv. 100?
As long as you have the Exp. Share turned on and a few hours of your time, you should have a maxed out Rayquaza pretty fast.