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I really want X2 and Y2. I also saw a video on YouTube that said that CoroCoro scans revealed that they are making XZ and YZ, although it might have been a prank. I could explain what else happened in the video but I don't have time.

when did you see it and also give a link to the video
I don't know how to send links on iPad sorry
highlight the webpage URL and copy and paste it to us.

I'm pretty sure that's the link, hopefully it is, sorry if it's not. I think it is, it's the top video I think.

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Unfortunatley this was an april fools prank that was faked. There is no proper info if there is going to be anything such as XZ or YZ yet, however hackers have managed to find out that there are 2 games yet to come in the gen 6 franchise - Wether that be Pokemon Z and a commemoration game of 20 years since Pokemon yellow (Something like that) or 2 more remakes, (Probably diamond and pearl) or X2 and Y2, we dont know.

Source: http://www.nintendoplus.com/forums/blogs/deoxyz/49141-pokemon-xz-and-yz-revealed.html

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Actually, that article is talking about the exact video that I saw
pokemon Z is the only logical option
This is Nintendo.We only have Nintedological options.Which could be ANYTHING.