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I want to get a team of legendary Pokemon to help me with the EX Battle Royals and EX Team Battles. So, I need to know what legendary Pokemon I can find and where.

P.S. I already know that MewTwo and Arceus when you beat the EX Battle Royals and EX Team Battles!

Please and thank you!

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Mewtwo all Factories
Lugia all Beaches
Ho-oh 3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood and 3-3 Firebreath Mountain Autumnwood
Latias all Meadows
Latios all Meadows
Kyogre all Beaches
Groudon all Magmas
Rayquaza all Towers
Deoxys all Factories
Dialga all Caves
Palkia all Lakes
Heatran all Magmas
Regigigas all Deserts
Giratina (both forms) all Horrors
Cresselia all Treetops
Darkrai all Horrors
Arceus all Towers
Cobalion after getting Virizion and Terrakion
Terrakion all Canyons
Virizion all Forests
Tornados 3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood, requires 3 encounters before battle
Thundurus 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain Autumnwood, requires 3 encounters before battle
Reshiram all Caves
Zekrom all Caves
Landorus 3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood, beat both Tornados and Thundurus
Kyurem all Glaciers
Thoes are all the legends who can be bosses.
Uxie, 2 customers Sun-Dappled Bank; Lake
Mesprit, 5 customers Soothing Shore; Lake
Azelf, 10 customers Shimmering Lake; Lake
Phione, 20 customers Rugged Flats; Beach
Manaphy, 20 customers Rugged Flats; Beach
Jirachi, 40 customers Firebreathing Mountain; Tower
Celebi, 60 customers Everspring Valley; Forest
Mew, 80 customers Sunny Seashore; Factory
Shaymin (land forme) 100 customers World Axle B2F; Glacier
Shaymin (sky forme) 120 customers World Axle B1F; Forest
Victini, 150 customers World Axle B2F; Tower
Above are all the legends/mythical Pokemon that you get for visiting the toy shop everyday

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Mewtwo - All Factorys
After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6

Lugia - All Beachs

Ho-Oh - 3-2 Volcanic Slope - Autumnwood
3-3 Firebreathing Mountain - Autumnwood

Latias - All Meadows

Latios - All Meadows

Kyogre - All Beachs

Groudon - All Magmas

Rayquaza - All Towers

Deoxys - All Factorys

Dialga - All Caves

Palkia - All Lakes

Heatran - All Magmas

Regigigas - All Deserts

Giratina (Altered) - All Horrors

Giratina (Origin) - All Horrors

Cresselia - All Treetops

Darkrai - All Horrors

Arceus - All Towers
After completion of Team Battle EX-6

Cobalion - All Caves After defeating Terrakion & Virizion

Terrakion - All Canyons

Virizion - All Forests

Tornadus - 3-2 Volcanic Slope - Autumnwood
Requires 3 Encounters Before Battle

Thundurus - 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain - Autumnwood
Requires 3 Encounters Before Battle

Reshiram - All Caves

Zekrom - All Caves

Landorus - 3-2 Volcanic Slope - Autumnwood
Requires defeating both Tornadus and Thundurus

Kyurem - All Glaciers

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This is how you get them. Sometimes they don't appear. Some can be obtained by password. AGC stands for After Game Completion. Pokemon with All something have 5% chance coming out. How you know is that the boss room launch pad is shiny.

Articuno:World Axle B2F Glacier AGC, Password 2364-4610
Zapdos:World Axle B2F Factory AGC, Password 1675-4459
Moltres:World Axle B1F Magma AGC, Password 8714-7361
Mewtwo:All Factories After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
Mew:4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory After meeting 80 people
Raikou:World Axle B1F Meadow AGC
Entei:World Axle B2F Cave
Suicune:World Axle B2F Lake AGC
Lugia:All Beaches AGC, Password 0442-4822
Ho-oh:All Autumnwood AGC
Celebi:4-2 Everspring Valley Forest After meeting 60 people
Regirock:4-3 Sunny Seashore Cannon AGC
Regice:4-1 Frozen Tundra Glacier AGC
Registeel4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory AGC
Latias:All Meadows AGC
Latios:All Meadows AGC
Kyogre:All Beachs AGC
Groudon:All Magmas AGC, 0681-1611
Rayquaza:All Towers AGC
Jirachi:3-3 Firebreathing Mountain Tower After meeting 40 people
Deoxys:All Factories Each Form AGC
Rotom:3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Rotom's Hidden Room All forms available
Uxie:2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank Lake After meeting 2 people
Mesprit:2-3 Soothing Shore Lake After meeting 5 people
Azelf:2-4 Shimmering Lake Lake After meeting 10 people
Dialga:All Caves AGC, Password 3402-6485
Palkia:All Lakes AGC
Heatran:All Magmas AGC
Regigigas:All Deserts AGC
Giratina:All Horrors AGC
Cresselia:All Treetops AGC
Phione:3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
Manaphy:3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
Darkrai:All Horrors AGC
Shaymin Land:World Axle B2F Glacier After meeting 100 people
Shaymin Sky:World Axle B1F Forest After meeting 120 people
Arceus:All Towers After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
Victini:World Axle B2F After meeting 150 people, Password 6699-8898
Cobalion:All Caves After defeating Terrakion and Virizion AGC
Terrakion:All Canyons AGC
Virizion:All Forests AGC
Tornadus:3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 0250-7321
Thunderus:3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 8819-8699
Reshiram:All Caves AGC
Zekrom:All Caves AGC
Landorus:3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires beat both Tornadus and Landorus AGC
Kyurem:All Glaciers AGC

Hope I helped.

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