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I really want jirachi Manaphy and shaymin. I don't want to go on a wild goose chase if they aren't in the game.

not black form kyurem and white form kyurem!!

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Yes, you can get every pokemon in rumble blast. This will tell you where to find whatever pokemon you want, when you go to its pokedex #.

Thanks so much! And also they all require people to meet so if I only have one person can I just meet them 20 times then I can get a Manaphy or does it not work that way?
I don't know... but i think you need to meet 20 different people.  check the internet or google.
Ok thanks
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yes you can get those legendarys and pokemon from 1-5 but later generations are a no go. also i stumbeled across jirachi stuff and game FAQs questions state that its on 3-3 tower on a boss pad wich i dont know what it means so i dont know what this stuff is so heres the link

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/633403-/61364030 i hope this helps if any help at all but you can get all those legends.

That may be right that's why I upvoted but that's for rumble blast wii he's asking for 3ds check the tags