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I've just got Super Pokemon Rumble (finally!) and I was wondering if you can do something special to befriend Pokemon, or if it's just random?

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You mean pokemon rumbl blast?
Yeah same thing, it's called Pokemon Rumble Blast in USA and Super Pokemon Rumble in UK.
Can you explain the question better?
he means to where you can like always get the pokemon

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When there are stars around the pokemon, then you are guarenteed to get it. The special trait gutsy and certain moves make this more likely to happen. Sparkling pokemon are guarenteed to get befriended. The stars wear off, but the shiny is permanent.
EDIT: the pokemon with starts are dizzy and the shiny pokemon are sparkly.

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Im not sure if this actually works but for me it does: Every time a Pokemon is confused when i beat it i can collect its toy form.This also seems to work well for me on bosses it hasnt failed me yet and i have been doing this for about two weeks now.

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If a Pokemon has sparkles you are gaunteed to get it

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