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I entered the Pokemon code for Groudon in right and it accepted it and I went to the right place to find but he wasn't there at all. I tried to find him three times already.

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well, are you sure it is the right place?  i missed my tornadus 5 times in a row.
Yup checked all 3 times.
have you looked around the whole area?
Checked everywhere.
are you sure it's the right code for the right pokemon because some people tricked me and on one of my mystery dungeon games and it ended up to give me a dragonite (even better than a turtwig)
Yup and I have entered every code for it. It accepted all my codes.

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Well, from the sound of things.... There's probably something wrong with your game.

So double or triple check your code ( Again ) and lok around thouroughly, if you do so and he still isn't there; your game is glitched.

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He's toward the indent in the eastern wall. (At least that's where I found mine.) Try running around a bit there. If he doesn't show up, you have a glitched game, sorry to say.