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Which is better for doubles battles?
I'm planning on running it on a Jolteon.

My bad, probably should have added what Pokes I was teaming it with.

My Team at the moment is (My DS is broken atm so I'm going off of memory)
Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet
Sassy Nature, Iron Barbs
Power Whip
Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball
Leech Seed

Greninja @ Mystic Water (Any better items to run on it would be appreciated)
Timid Nature, Torrent
Ice Beam
Water Pulse
Grass Knot
Hydro Cannon

Charizard @ Charizardite X
Adamant Nature, Blaze
Dragon Claw
Fire Fang
Flare Blitz

Jolteon @ Magnet
Modest Nature, Volt Absorb
Thunder Wave
Shadow Ball
Volt Switch < The move I was going to replace

I usually Start with Ferrothorn/Jolteon

AND Before you start slamming me for my terrible choices on this team please keep in mind that I'm not playing competitively.

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Depends on its teammates.Tell us the Pokémon you're gonna usealongside Jolteon.BUT DONT EVER USE SHOCK WAVE.You're better off using thuderbolt.
Yeah, if you could post the rest of your team that would be great.

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+) 100 accuracy
+) better power
+) can paralyze
-) it won't hit if someone uses a evasion move

Shock Wave:
+)infinite accuracy
+) can paralyze
+) can it anything
-) not as strong as Discharge
-) could not OKHO unless super effictive

In a result: use discharge.

Sorry but you are missing some important points.It's DOUBLES.If he has no Pokemon that is immune to electric type moves,discharge would hit his teammates.Also if he WANTS to use it even if he has no pokemon immune to electric type moves,he has to use protect every single time.
At least mention these points.
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Shock Wave sucks. Use Thunderbolt instead. But in doubles, Discharge is better if your teammate is immune to Electric-type moves. Otherwise, Thunderbolt. But even then, Jolteon isn't relevant in Doubles where Raikou, Mega-Manectric or even Zapdos and Thundurus are available.

DisQuake, DisChomp, and DisCeptile are basically the best strategies for this.

DisQuake = [Rotom-H] [Landorus-T]

Blow everything away with Lando's Earthquake and Rotom's Choice Specs Discharge.

DisChomp = [Rotom-H][Garchomp]

Basically the same as DisQuake, only Garchomp is outclassed by Landorus.

DisCeptile = [Discharge user] [Mega Sceptile]

Discharge into Sceptile to boost his Special Attack via Lightning rod.