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You know those times where your Pokemon are automatically healed to full? Such as between your battles with N and Ghetsis, between Xerneas/Yveltal and Final Lysandre, and between matches in the PWT? What happens with those in Nuzlockes? If a Pokemon dies in one battle and then your Pokemon are auto-healed and sent immediately into another battle, is it considered revived? This is especially a concern if your lead Pokemon dies.




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For PWT, its really up to the person to decide on that. A majority of people just count deaths that centralize around the main game (pre Hall of Fame).

As for the auto healing part, some people count that Pokemon as back alive; however, most people strongly recommended that you count that Pokemon as dead, and swap it out immediately. At your first convenience, deposit it in the PC.

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i personally count them as dead no matter what battle it faints in except for those rate your team battle or the battle maison.
I see.

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basically it's anything that is optional and doesn't give xp that i don't count towards the "dead" pokemon.