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I know that Foul Play takes it's base damage, 95, and uses the opponent's Attack stat to calculate. For example, a Sableye using Foul Play against a Mega Metagross would use Meta's Attack stat. But I'm wondering: Which side of the coin does Intimidate affect? I want to know in what scenario Foul Play's damage will be lowered:

-1 Sableye using Foul Play against Metagross.


-1 Mega Metagross using his Attack stat for Foul Play.

Does Foul Play take Sableye's -1 into account, since he's the one using the move? Or does it take Metagross' -1, since his Attack stat is being used to calculate?


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It would affect Metagross

See, Foul Play is based on the opponent's attack and not yours. So even at -6 stages, if Sableye used Foul Play it would do the same amount of damage as with no attack drops. So it would do less damage to Metagross.

Hope this helps!

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Foul Play is a move that works differently than other normal dark-type moves. In foul play, it's essentially like if the target is attacking themselves - since their power is used against them.

In attack, metagross beats sableye by a lot. Therefore, sableye's foul play would be much stronger than metagross's. Using intimidate lowers your opponents attack. This will affect your foul play's results. Using intimidate is essentially lowering your foul play's attack power.

Even though metagross has much higher attack, sableye's will be stronger. So in your case, scenario 1 would be more powerful. If someone used intimidate on metagross before foul play (obviously intimidate would activate first), then your foul play's damage lowers by one stage. If your opponent uses any attack increasing moves like "Swords Dance", then it will increase the power of foul play. Anything that happens to sableye wouldn't count - all depends on your opponent.

Hope I helped! :)

I'm confused :\

If SABLEYE is Intimidated, Foul Play's damage is unchanged.
If METAGROSS is Intimidated, Foul Play is weaker?
If sableye is intimidated, foul play stays the same against metagross.
If metagross is intimidated, sableye's foul play is weaker against metagross.

So you basically have it