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It stays Japanese

However, if it didn't have a nickname and had its Japanese name, it would change to an english name. So, let's say there was a Pikachu named ピカチュウ, which is its Japanese name. If you took a thunder stone and evolved it, it would be named Raichu. But if the Pikachu had a name, like, let's say it was called サンダー ("Thunder"), when it evolved it would keep its name.

It would still be Japanese, and have the little icon. You would still be able to do Masuda's Method with it.

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I'm sorry, but I once had my Goelise (German for Wingull) from wonder trade evolve into Pelipper. No, it actually changed it's name to English, didn't evolve into Bekipan.

I think there might be a hole in here.
Thats what I said, if it has no nickname it turns into an english name
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The Japanese named Pokemon, take Froakie for example, when it evolves , it's name will automatically change into it's english name, and vise versa for other languages.

japanese name => Traded to an English Game =>
evolving the japanese Pokemon => Automatic change into English Name.

By this method, you can also get the japanese version for it's PokeDex too.