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For example, if I breed a Winter Sawsbuck with Ditto in XY or ORAS, will the hatched Deerling be Winter, or will it be the default Spring form?


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When bred with another Sawsbuck, the resulting offspring will have the form of the mother, and if bred with a Ditto the Sawsbuck's form will be passed down.
So if you bred a female Sawsbuck in its Winter Form, and a male Sawsbuck in its Summer Form, then the baby Deerling will always be in its Winter form, the form of its mother.
If you breed a male Winter Form Sawsbuck with a Ditto, then the Deerling will hatch as its Winter Form.


Cool, good to know I can use Masuda Method in Gen 6 to get a shiny of whatever form I want, with the correct parent.  Thank you Crimson for your answer.
No problem :)