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So what I am trying to ask is, how did these things become discovered? They are all hidden features, so I am wondering how we, the Pokémon community, found out about:

  • The effects of Natures
  • EVs
  • IVs
  • Personal Values
  • I'm sure there are more...

Was it through hacking? Accessing the coding? Did GF tell us? I'm just wondering, since they are hidden features.

^ what I said. When you searxh by nature and it asks you to pick a nature to search from, it will say something that tells you which natures are boosted and unboosted. Ofc this can also be experimented with by taking different natures and testing them on the same Pokémon and looking over results
Okay Sapphy, but I don't play ORAS remeber. Aslo, people knew this BEFORE ORAS.
I'm just saying thats the easiest way to find out. Also, for before, as ive said, it isnt too hard to figure that out by experimenting with different natured Pokémon.
It was discovered before ORAS Sapphy
Yes I know. The comment wasnt directed specifially at you, nor was it stating that was the only way to find out. As ive said, not hard to experiment with

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I believe these were discovered by a combination of game guides (which receive inside information from the developers) and reverse engineering the code of older games.

The actual Natures was most likely a simple presentation by a paid game guid. The EV's have had some in game evaluator for a while. After that it's all reverse engineering of the code.

You will see in some bulbapedia articles entire algorithms for how Pokemon are caught and for iv's what the internal memory structure looks like, etc. This information can only be obtained by putting the game into a computer card reader, pulling the binary data off the card then converting the opcodes to readable programing code. It is a very complicated process but Pokemon is a very popular game. Also with emulators, cheat devices (like action replay), and other such tools knowing the code behind it becomes well worth the hundreds of hours required to extract and dissect the info.

Here is an open source library you can use to reverse engineer and Recomplie Pokemon red https://github.com/kanzure/pokemon-reverse-engineering-tools

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