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I would also like to know do the mirage spots stay in the same spot or do they move.


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If youre talking about the legends for Mirage Spots, then if you knock them out, they'll be gone until the requirements to get to them are fulfillled (like it being a certain time) and you have rebattled the Elite 4 & Champion.

Basically, if you accidentally make it faint, you'll need to challenge (and beat) the Elite 4 & Champion before going after it. This is why many people decide to save their game before encountering a legendary, this way if you do not catch it you can simply soft-reset (L+R+Start buttons).

And Mirage Spots are always in the same spot. For example, the Pathless Plain will always be near Pacifidlog Town, it won't suddenly appear next to Fallarbor Town. Even the non-legend ones will always be in the same spot, and even though they would share a name with many other islands, the Pokémon, items and location are unique to each island.

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Wait, so if I turned off the system I can go back to the mirage spots?
Oh and if no body answers better than I'll give you best answer :)
What do you mean by turn off the system?

If you mean hard-resetting (unnesesarily takes longer than soft-reset) after knocking it out and not saving, if you were right in front of the portal, then yes you can battle it again.

If you werent on the island, then it depends. If the requirements are fulfilled still (like it still being friday) then yes you can go back. This is why if you save before legends, you should save on the island itself.
I wasn an idiot and forgot to save
Where did you last save? After knocking it out, before on the island or before, sometwhere else?
Where did you last save? After knocking it out, before on the island or before, somewhere else?
I didn't save at all so I'll be where I was when I first turned it on
Oh okay. Make sure you save right in front of the portal next time, on the island, so if you knock it out you can go back it it.
beating the elite 4 triggers the regenerate. Good to know. I usually save before attempting capture but it's good to know.