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So I was on social media when a guy had a contest where if you tell the funniest joke than you get a shiny Zygarde. I won the contest. But I dunno what to go on to revive it. Do I go on the global trade station or something? Please answer asap.

what was the joke ?
That I said? It's kinda innapropriate

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Go talk to the host of the contest, chances are he'll directly trade it to you via exchange of Friend Codes, so ask him to be sure on how to receive it But chances are this is a hoax, so prepare your mind for that. I'm also having the issue of Zygarde being shiny locked, so even if he does have it, he hacked for it; just another heads up.

Hopefully I've Helped!

Yeah I've ben suspecting it's hacked too
Yeah, you probably shouldn't trust fully in certain people over the internet for your own safety. At least you didn't lose anything.