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I have a Pokemon that knows trick room but it's only worked once or twice so far out of the several times I've tried it. What will happen is on the first turn the enemy Pokemon will go first since it is faster, then trick room will go off, then on the next turn the enemy Pokemon goes first again anyway about 3/4 of the time. What could cause it to be inconsistent like this?


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Trick Room has -6 priority, which means that most other moves will go first. I'm guessing that this is because the opposing Pokémon is slower, but Trick Room has negative priority so it's going last. Unless the other Pokémon is very obviously supposed to be faster, I think this is what is happening.

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I mean I'll use trick room and then when the reverse effect is supposed to be in play the enemy keeps going first anyway.

I'm testing it against zigzagoons and wurmples and stuff at the beginning of the game, both pokemon are level 1. I just tried out all my other trick roomers and it's working normally there, it's just not working for this one specific pokemon and I don't see any difference between him and the others.
Yea, trick room always goes last, so even if the opponent is slower, theyll go first. Then when trick room is in play, theyll go first because of the effects
Sorry I am not being clear but I know trick room is a decreased priority move. I am saying once it has been used and the effect is in play the enemy keeps going first anyway even though my pokemon is slower. It has the same speed stat as another trick room poke I have where it works normally so I am not sure why it's not working with this one.
Are you using negative priority moves? Is the opponent using + priority moves?
no the enemy is just using tackle/growl and I am using regular priority stuff as well.
Hmm, that is odd. Are you sure your speed stat is lower?
I have two other trick room pokemon with the same speed stat as the one it's not working on and it's fine for them, as far as I can tell there is no difference between them.
Does it have Stall?
Nope. None of the moves or ability should be getting in the way, I am really perplexed with this it is identical to the other pokemon it works fine for. It is consistent too it doesn't matter whether he uses trick room or one of the other ones then I switch to him, about 3/4 of the time the enemy goes first regardless then every once in a while they dont. This feels like a bug or something.
It might be a bug, is the Pokémon or game hacked? What game?
it's alpha sapphire and yeah he is hacked but so are all the other ones that are having no issues so I'm not sure that's relevant. I guess tropius just wasn't meant to trick room, c'est la vie.
Sorry but i dont know what's wrong :( Oh well, just stick with the other ones?
thanks for the help but it turns out A. I'm an idiot and B. I had a weird string of luck.

the tropius is fine, what happened was I encountered some zigzagoons and poochenyas with -speed personalities a few times in a row. I tested with him some more and it started to work most of the time again, then the next time it didn't I caught the pokemon and it had a negative speed personality. It's just weird I hadn't encountered that on any of the other ones then this tropius had it happen several times in a row. since theyre such a low level that 1 or 2 point difference in the stats completely changes the outcome.
Ah okay, I guess it was just bad luck then. Glad your problems been fixed!