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and can you please translate it if you want I'm dutch (belgium)
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Check out our page on HeartGold/SoulSilver in order to find out things such as what Pokemon you can find on which routes. http://pokemondb.net/heartgold-soulsilver

We have plenty of questions regarding these games, and if you go to the "Tags" button and go to soulsilver, you can find questions people have asked. You can go through them and see the common questions and problems people have with the game, such as how to move the Snorlax that blocks your path later on in the game.

We have a page where members of our community provided teams they used to get through the game: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/96802/what-is-a-good-in-game-team-for-hg-ss?show=96802#q96802

Try to get a Scyther early on in the game. Scyther is an extremely powerful Pokemon with access to a wide range of moves and can easily help you progress in the game. Don't be afraid to spend some time leveling up your Pokemon if you're having trouble. If you have any specific questions about how to progress through the game or beat trainers you are having trouble against, feel free to ask a question or ask people on our chat.

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vulpix helps with the steel gym if you don't start with the fire starter
thnks man and np that its posted a little bit later i hope you are better soon;)
this tips helps me a lot thanks man