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If I set up with Nuzzle (Paralysis) would Electro Ball work better, or should I just go with thunderbolt?

(Pikachu Belle form)

  • Electro Ball / Thunderbolt
  • Icicle Crash
  • Nuzzle
  • Quick Attack

1 Answer

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I suggest thunderbolt so if you do come up against someone who is close to your speed or able to outspeed you are not fighting a lost cause. Also get rid of nuzzle and give it volt switch so if your against a bulky Pokemon and you can dent them you don't need to waste a member of your team to take it down and switch. And finally pralysis doesn't knock down speed as far as I know of. So No Don't use Elictro ball

I agree Thunderbolt 80 Attack damage source experiance with my thunderous in AS
Paralysis does knock down speed... By a lot in fact.