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I have caught over 10 slakoth in emerald. I am looking for one with a Brave nature but all of them have calm or bold! what are the chances of getting one with brave?!

Do you have any Pokémon with the ability synchronize and brave nature, if not you're going to have to breed a Slakoth until you get a brave or adamant natured one.

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The chance of catching a slakoth with the brave nature is 1/25. I would recommend not obtaining a slakoth with this probability.

To increase your chances, breed a female slakoth with a ditto that has the brave nature. Give ditto the everstone to hold during breeding. The everstone is found in Granite Cave in Dewford Town (source: memory).

Another method is to catch a Pokemon with the ability synchronize AND the brave nature. A good one is abra. Give abra the smoke ball if you have one, and then find a slakoth in the Petalburg Woods.

If you have a hard time, you can always ask around for someone with a spare Gen 3 brave ditto to trade you (I'm sure there's one of those out there).

Good luck!

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The chances are 1/25, because out of 25 possible Natures, Brave is only one of them. That's a 4% chance.

Source: Maths!