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So I had the extraordinary good luck to get a shiny Nidorina in Pokemon LeafGreen; unfortunately, I don't have a Moon Stone to evolve it. What's the best way to get one, and how should I go about it?

Congrats on the shiny! (I have an answer too, it's just being processed)
Thanks, haha!

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Well you're in luck. There are a total of 5 in Game.

  • Two in Mt Moon (the fastest way to get one)
  • One in the Rocket Base
  • One in the Pokémon Mansion
  • one after you complete the First Sevii Island Quest

See this video for more precise locations.

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Wild clefairy's will always have a chance to carry moon stones, so if you've already used all of them found ingame then go steal some.

Otherwise, there's one in Mt. Moon in the Northwest corner of the first floor (source: Bulbapedia).