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I'm looking to breed a lucario with the pure power ability. Just because I have alot of time on my hands. As well as Pokemon no one would normally see coming.

I already know that medicham and lucario can mate so with them and a ditto I think its possible. Now looked at a lot of post so I know that when breeding you have a 80% chance to get the mother's abilities.

First is there anyway to improve my odds in sapphire, my game.

Second I read that at one point/gen it was a 50/50 shot. What game would that be. I also have a Y.


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Lucario cannot get the Pure Power ability.

Lucario can only get the abilities Inner Focus, Steadfast, Justified (hidden), and Adaptability (mega only).

Unless you're talking about Alpha Sapphire, Lucario isn't even in Sapphire (or any 3rd gen game).

You can't have three Pokemon in the daycare, either.

As for the odds of passing abilities, the only way to increase the odds is having the mother have the ability you want. If you made Medicham the mother, you'd only get Meditite eggs anyway.

So in conclusion, you cannot and will never get a Lucario with Pure Power unless you hack.

Sorry for not being not being fully clear. Yes I was talking about alpha sapphire. And the three was to use ditto as a gender blender until I could get the proper male/female.
Pure Power isnt an ability lucario can obtain. The answer is still no