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I play with friends sometimes and I always have trouble beating Pokemon which poison, burn, paralyze or put my Pokemon to sleep?
My friends always have trouble beating my Venusaur, while I have trouble against Alakazam.
How can I beat those?

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There are a couple ways to beat status.
1. Lum berry
- if held by a Pokemon, it heals any status condition once
2. Natural Cure/Insomnia/Water Veil/Limber/Immunity etc.
- these are specific abilities that allow a Pokemon to be immune to certain kinds of status
- for example, water veil prevents the Pokemon from getting a burn while natural cure removes all status conditions when the Pokemon switches out
3. Have a heal bell/ aromatherapy member on your team.
- when using this move, all Pokemon's status conditions are healed

As for alakazam, try using a Pokemon that is faster/ or has a choice scarf (boosts speed by 1.5, locks user in a move). For example, try using an aerodactyl or a choice scarf hydreigon.

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You can use them to your advantage, avoid them or remove them.
Advantages: Pokemon like Gliscor do its Abillity are able to heal when poisoned, can't be paralyzed cause it's a ground type one example of avoiding and has Facade which increases the damage when Poisoned, Burned or Paralyzed. Id recommend one for that reason
Avoiding: Any Pokemon type that is immune to them except freeze and confuse, is used. For example I don't want a thunder wave on my Greninja so I'll use my Garchomp, I don't want a will o wisp on my Garchomp so I'll use Charizard and if you don't want a Poisoned Zard use a steel type or poison type or you could safeguard
Removing: Their are plenty of moves and abilities which allow you to remove a status mainly for example Heal Bell. Some berries can as well the most used is usually the Lum Berry though their are others.
These are the three things you can do to Status`s