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I know that the Event Torchic had a hidden ability when you got it from X/Y back a while ago. You sadly can't get that anymore. What Pokemon in the WILD have hidden abilities, what are the abilities and the Pokemon, and where can I find them and what are the chances of finding them?

Sorry, it's like four questions in one.


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Any Pokemon (ORAS)

Using the Dexnav, any Pokemon can be found on its respective route with its hidden ability along with a few others from other regions like Zorua on the route before Oldale. Hidden Abilities were only introduced in Generation V so you can't get any HA Pokemon below Gen V. To get HA's in Gen V, you had to use the Dream World. Some Pokemon had their HAs changed from Gen V to Gen VI.

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What's an HA?   .-.
HA is Hidden Ability