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In the description, it says "full of tricks", but it seems like a perfectly standard zoroark. It is docile (neutral nature), has 31 HP IV's, but besides that it seems very normal.

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it has the move sludge bomb which you cant normally get in a zoroark. Also, nature and ivs is always different (most of the time) each time you pick it up. so for example, I picked the zoroark up, it had modest with good ivs on attack. I dont want that so I just restart the game without saving to farm for a timid one

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ok, but also is it possible to breed sludge bomb onto baby zorua by breeding it  with a ditto? (so that maybe I can have a timid max IV's zoroark with sludge bomb) Also, can it be used competitively?
nope. the only way of getting a max ivs sludge bomb zoroark is by powersaving, editing ivs. If you ask me, you can use it competitively but a zoroark with 5ivs will outclass the sludge bomb zoroark since it has poor ivs. Sludge bomb is useful because of fairys but i wouldnt use it competitivley but its your choice