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I remember someone suggesting that one of my pokemon(i think it was spiritomb)to be an annoyer and I didn't understand it, all the person said was that annoyers attack and stall.
P.S it was about 4 months ago
P.S.S I think it was swampert who suggested it to me

Well thats the definition of annoying: to piss people off by (for example) using toxic then detect and protect
An annoyer is me doing this for seven hours straight:


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Annoyer's are Pokemon, with it's basic role, to annoy.
Annoyer's are basically walls, but not really.

They usually inflict status's to try and prevent the opponent from doing anything, like these combos:
Confuse Ray and Paralysis
Protect and various other moves and so on and so forth.
This usually allows the user with the annoyer to set up or do whatever it is they please.
Some could include flinching moves, or for stalling for hax.

Annoyers are what they sound like: annoying.
Hope this helps! ~

See Amoongus.
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An Annoyer is a Pokémon whose moveset is made to inflict non-direct damage to an opponent..Moves such as Toxic, Confuse Ray, Leech Seed, Will O' Wisp etc.. These Pokémon usually have good defenses as well as a decent amount of Hit Points.. Annoyers include Pokémon such as Venusaur and Crobat..

Hope it Helps! :)