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Heres the scenario, my Greninja maxed Speed&Sp.atk EV and maxed speed & Sp.Atk IV loses out to Typhlosion. This is not the first time AI have cheated on me.. No trick room were used. First Pokemon he sent out was Blaziken which I managed to 1HKO with Surf and the second Pokemon was Vileplume which I also did a 1HKO with Ice Beam. 2 turns have passed , no trick room. Comes the 3rd round which I SHOULD also 1HKO Typhlosion with Surf. But no, Typhlosion moved before me and 1HKO me with Eruption. Typhlosion max speed is 328 which is significantly lower to my Gren's max speed of 377. Also no quick claw on Typhlosion.. I managed to win the battle but still how can they keep cheating in such way ? Previously, I lost out at battle 37 which I should have won it easily but somehow they managed to speed up their Pokemon again. It was my Mega Alakazam against a Leafeon. Cmon, Mega Alak with Timid nature , no Leafeon can beat with such speed... I'm getting tired of Super Single really, AI just keeps on cheating and cheating.

The only possibility I can think of is they were holding a Choice Scarf
Leafeon could have had a Chlorophyll boost.

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According to this spreadsheet, you faced Typhlosion number three.

>562 | Typhlosion3 | Modest | Choice Scarf | Eruption | Focus Blast | Heat Wave | Extrasensory | Spd/SpA

All Battle Maison Pokémon are set to lv. 50. At that level, your max speed Greninja reaches 191 speed. The Typhlosion you faced was Modest, with max Speed investment and most importantly a Choice Scarf. A Modest 252 Spe Typhlosion reaches a Speed stat of 152. Now, add the boost from Choice Scarf.

152(1.5) = 228

Typhlosion outsped you because it was holding a Choice Scarf. It's not cheating, it's cheesy AI.

Here's your Leafeon:

>519 | Leafeon2 | Naive | Liechi Berry | Leaf Blade | Giga Impact | Substitute | Yawn | Atk/Spd

Fully invested in Speed with a Naive nature (+Spe –SpD). Max Speed Leafeon reaches 161 Speed. Max Speed Mega Alakazam reaches 222 Speed. I am going to assume that an earlier Pokémon had used Sunny Day. This would activate Leafeon's Chlorophyll, which doubles its Speed stat.

161(2) = 322

With a Chlorophyll boost, Leafeon outspeeds Mega Alakazam by 100 points.