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I just traded my Electabuzz an hour and a half ago holding a Electirizer to an online acquaintance to evolve into a Electivire. After trading, the person cancelled the trade before I could even select the Pokemon they traded with, to trade back to them. I've only managed to get ahold of them to attempt to trade again right after, but they quickly cancelled again. Now every time I try proposing a trade with them (I got them registered as a "friend", though it keeps saying that they're "not available"). I'm so livid! It was a level 85 Electabuzz w/ Pokerus too! Now, I'm not only worried about never getting ahold of them again, but I'm also worried that they're keeping my Electivire for themselves or trading/having traded it off to someone else. Right now I'm trying to spam them with as many trade invitations as possible, albeit with no success. WHAT DO I DO?!

UPDATE: GREAT! Now I can't even invite them to a trade anymore! Now I'll have to restart from scratch!!!>:(

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Nothing. Don't trade Pokemon for evolution with people you don't know well enough to trust. The Pokemon is his now.

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