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So in Gold and Silver, the mascot legendaries only know their signature moves in their respective games (Lugia only learns Aeroblast in Silver, and Ho-Oh only learns Sacred Fire on Gold).

If I traded a Ho-Oh from Silver to Gold, or a Lugia from Gold onto Silver, could they learn their signature moves via the move relearner?


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If you're talking about a move relearner, Gold/Silver doesn't have one at all. So 'no' I guess.

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sum ansers r better left short, but I'll add some trivia here.

Although not really an authentic move relearner, there is something similar in Pokemon Stadium 2. After you beat the Elite Four and Champion at the Gym Leader Castle, you can reteach any one move to a pokemon that has participated in the battles.

This got formalized and included in Gen 3, with a little more forgiving system.