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Is it a set number or is it different for everyone


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Not every pokemon takes the same amount of steps to hatch their egg, it varies on pokemon, good question though ;)

Is there anywhere that says each pokemons number of steps or around their number of steps?
Its on serebii.net
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Go to the individual pages of a Pokemon on serebii.net. You can find the number of steps needed to hatch your Pokemon (it is different for every Pokemon). It is titled as "Base Egg Steps". By carrying a Pokemon with the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability you can speed up this process though (might I suggest Magcargo? Only thing he is good for.)

Or you can carry volcarnoa, if you're playing black/white
just to help out, pokemon with flame body ability,magby,magmar,magmortar,slugma,magcargo,larvesta,volcarona,litwick, lampent,chandelure. hope this helps!