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Unknown dungeon is a place . ITS LEGIT MAN! Mewtwo's there!

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because it's unknown
mind blow

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enter image description here

This is the beautiful region known as Kalos. The cursor is on the Pokémon Village. The Unknown Dungeon is inside this village. Because of this, it's pretty obvious why the Dungeon ain't on the map

  1. Because it could ruin the surprise, etc.
  2. The Pokémon Village is a location. The Dungeon is inside this Village. Why have two locations when the exist inside the same area?
  3. Gamefreak Logic. This is a beautiful thing that answers so many questions! XD

Hope I Helped!

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Because its called the unknown dungeon.
So only you know about it.

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  1. The Unknown Dungeon is inside Pokemon Village which is on the map.
  2. Gamefreak may have wanted this to be an area where you have to look around the region to find it. Kinda like a secret area that you have to want to find.
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