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I'm looking into breeding a Stealth Rock Whirlwind Skarmory to use as a hazard switcher. I can breed Whirlwind from my Pidgot onto Aerodactyl, teach it Stealth Rock at the Move Tutor, and then breed both onto Skarmory.


My obligatory 1 direct attack slot has raised a question. I had originally been planing to use Steel Wing. But in looking at Skarmory's Egg Moves, I noticed Drill Peck. It has both higher accuracy and power than Steel Wing, at the cost of the chance to raise Defense. However, Drill Peck only comes from a very narrow selection of Pokemon. Neither Pidgot or Aerodactyl can learn it. Now on to the actual question.

If I pass Stealth Rock and Whirlwind onto Skarmory, can I then breed Drill Peck from a Fearow or Doduo/Dodrio and still keep Stealth Rock and Whirlwind to get all 3 moves on Skarmory?

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If the father or (starting in Generation VI) the mother knows any specific Egg moves that the baby can learn, the baby will inherit the move. If the parents both know different Egg moves, the mother's Egg moves are passed on first, then followed by the father's.


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