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I need to know if you can talk to a person that will tell if your Pokemon has a hidden ability or not cuz I really want a Perfect IV dragonite with its hidden ability but I don't know if it has it or not. If it is possible, tell me the locations of that person from Gen 4 and 5.

Hidden abilities weren't introduced until gen 5 (specifically in Black and White 2) , so there won't be any hidden ability Pokemon in 4th gen. Btw Dragonite hidden ability is Multiscale.

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There is unfortunately no in game way to find if a Pokemon has its hidden ability. If there was I wouldn't have had spent two days trying to breed a perfect Breloom to find out I had a box full of Sheoomish with the hidden ability. Sorry so I can't answer the second part of the question.

If Your Dragonite is Multi Scale It is Hidden Ability


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