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I'm trying to train my smeargle and I want it to learn the move lock on, but I don't know where to look? I am playing with Omega Ruby


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Here's a pretty easy way.

Step 1: Magnetic Personality


Go to New Mauville and wrangle up a Magnemite. They're in the mid-20s. I suggest grabbing one with Sturdy as this will help later. Be sure to give it a swanky nickname like Artoo, Cyclops, Polaris, etc.

Step 2: Movin' on Up

You're going to want to raise your Magnemite up to Lv 41, when it learns Lock-On. It is imperative that you do not evolve it into a Magneton because then it will take you until Lv. 49, and who has time to wait that long? I suggest using Blissey Bases to level up your Magnefriend nice and quick. Having it hold a Lucky Egg is even better, you can find them on wild Pelipper.

Step 3: Fite Children

Once your Magnemite has learned Lock-On, put him and Smeargle at the front of your party and Fly to Mauville city. Go west to Route 117 and battle the Twins you see there. They'll have a Hariyama and a Linoone (hence why Sturdy is good to have)

Step 4: Etch-a-Sketch

If Smeargle is faster than Magnemite, use some random move and then have Magnemite use Lock-On. Next turn, use Sketch on Magnemite.

If Magnemite is faster than Smeargle, just use Lock-On and have Smeargle Sketch Magnemite.

Step 5: Profit

If all went well, Smeargle now knows Sketch!

Alternative Method


Catch a Remoraid and use a Heart Scale, it learns Lock-On at Lv. 6, considerably earlier than Magnemite. However you should probably still level it up so that it doesn't get KOd by the Twins.

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