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I was playing SS training up my Magikarp for the beast that is Whitney's Miltank, when I encountered a Ditto. I wanted to catch it of course, so I took down his HP. The Ditto transformed into my Karp, and I supringsly caught it in one Pokeball (It's catchrate is 35).

Now then, does Ditto take your catchrate when it tranforms?


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It does not. The move Transform only allows Ditto to take on the physical aspect of the Pokemon by gaining its appearance, stats, moves, etc. The catch rate stays the same because technically it's still a ditto. Now catching any Pokemon using only one pokeball isn't as rare as you may think. It happens quite often, even to me. Now if the Pokemon shook only once and then it was immediately captured, you have experienced a perfect capture. Hoped this helped :D

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Thanks, and I guess I was lucky. Donto remember getting a  critical capture though