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Hi I'm wanting to get a competitive Keldeo during the event in the next few months, and I'm wondering how I could get the right ivs a nature for it. I thinking I would have to soft reset. What do I do?


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Actually, Mystery Gift Pokemon will always have 3 perfect IVs and 3 random IVs. Simply save in front of the lady at the Pokemon Centre, get the Pokémon, check IVs, reset if necessary.

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IVs aren't completely random.  All distribution Pokemon are guaranteed to have 3 perfect IVs.  Which 3 are random though.
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Once you have received the gift, you cannot get another one, even if you reset the game. There is not a way to choose what you get, and you are stuck with what you have. Also, online tournaments may not allow event Pokemon. The best you can do is trade for what you want, or make the most of what you have.

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This is untrue.  You save before you talk to the delivery girl in the Pokemon Center.  This allows you to freely reset as many times as you want, each time giving you a different roll at Nature and IVs.