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I was playing omega ruby and I rematched ruin maniac dusty who's in the desert on route 111. I've beat the elite four so his team includes an aerodactyl. While I was battling it with my zweilous it used ancient power. I used dragon pulse, it used ancient power and I used dragon pulse to ko it. After the first turn against it both our Pokemon were buffeted by the sandstorm. Aerodactyl is a rock type and should be immune though right? is this a glitch?

sounds like a glitch
I think it has to deal with it's ability? I could be wrong though...

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I've looked all over Bulbapedia, Serebii, the DB, and other sources and cannot find any evidence that Aerodactyl can be buffeted by Sandstorm. At first I thought it might have used Take Down and you mistook recoil for Sand damage, but you explicitly said that it used Ancient Power twice.

The only possible solution is if you used Soak on Aerodactyl in a previous turn. Then it would be Water-type and not Rock/Flying. But you didn't, so I'm pretty positive this was a glitch.

ok thanks anyways!