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In generation one, there was no special defense stat. It was more simply called "Special." In generation two, the special stat was split into special attack and special defense. The special stat from generation one is the same special attack stat in generation two, but the special defense stat changed. Due to the unlimited amount of EVs you could get in Generations one and two, the special stat IVs and EVs were both distributed into special attack and special defense equally when transferred to generation two.

Alright, now that the history lesson is out of the way, I'm asking what happens when:

Pokemon A has 7 IVs and 100 EVs in special attack and 15 IVs and 200 EVs in special defense in generation two. If Pokemon A were to be sent from generation two to generation one (assuming Pokemon A existed in generation one as well), what would happen to those IVs and EVs?

And would you be able to regain those IVs and EVs in each respective stat if you traded Pokemon A back to generation two from generation one?


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First, Special def and special atk shared iv and ev values in gen 2.

If traded between, that value transferred and was applied to the base values of the gen that was relevant.

In other words, there were no special atk ivs or evs, nor special defense during gen 2.

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Ah okay. I didn't know about that.