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I've been having a few issues with fusing Reshiram and Kyurem, despite the fact that I had just recently fused the same pair not too long ago. Is there some kind of time limit for fusion, or is there something else causing this?

What's the "problem" exactly? They're not fusing?
You sure your fusing the right pokemon (common mistake fusing reshiram and zekrom)
If you detailed the problems then we might be able to properly address them.

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This issue doen't seem to be very adaquately explained. There could be many reasons your Reshiram and Kyurem are not fusing, but your answer could be:

A.) You already have fused set of Pokémon. Any fused Kyurem needs to be unfused before the DNA Splicers can be used to fuse again.
B.) You're not clicking on the right Pokémon. Make sure you click on Kyurem and Resiram.
C.) You could be clicking on the Pokémon in the wrong order. Try tapping Kyurem first, then hitting Reshiram.
D.) Albeit highly unlikely, it could just be an awkward bug in the game.

I hope I helped.