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Can you get magby/elekid in black/white?

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I really want magmortar and electivire. Also, magmar and electabuzz?

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or... Poke Transfer

4 Answers

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Elekid and magby are found in white forest on pokemon white after completing the game once

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do i have to restart the game or can i just get it after beating the elite 6
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Both UltimateDarkraiFan and james mill have accurate answers, because you may obtain them either way.

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Although elekid/magby may not appear in your white forest, the old man in the house has a different pokemon every day for you to catch.
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You can get a Magby or Elekid in the White forest once you complete the game. If you already have the post evolutions then you can migrate them from another game or just the pre evolution.

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Only by trading with HG, SS, D, P, and PL.

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