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the other day I asked about dark pulse when I ment to ask about foul play...

hoopa confirmed
Any Pokemon that has a considerably high attack stat and takes at least a neutral hit from Dark-type Pokemon will hate Foul Play. I know this is competitive, but I would like to add that in my Black playthrough, my Zoroark helped me take down Drayden's Haxorus because of Foul Play and Haxorus' high attack stat. So Foul Play does have some pretty good utility
I know that its just im not really sure whats specially tanky with high phys dmg and lower end defences

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As Dark Star Greninja said, any Pokemon which has a high Attack stat and is neutral or weak to Dark type moves will take considerable damage from Foul Play. If you aren't sure whether a certain Pokemon has a high Attack stat or not, you can simply look up their Pokedex page on this website, which lists their stats.

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Power of foul play depends on targets attack stat. For example on metagross it would deal very high damage because super effective, metagross has high attack, and (maybe) stab. With that being said Pokemon like krookodile would be good Pokemon to have foul play on because stab and krookodile has high attack and foul play is a physical move. Foul play is a powerful move anyways, so it will do decent damage even if target doesnt have high attack (unless the target resist it and has like 50 base attack lol). But why would you use it against Pokemon who resists it anyways? Against threats like salamence or haxorus foul play will do high damage. I like the move alot

But you're saying that Krookodile would be good for using Foul Play because of its attack stat

when Mega-Roserade said that Krookodile's attack stat doesn't matter because it doesn't use its attack stat, only the opponent's. The only consideration Foul Play has from the user is if the user is burned. The rest of Foul Play uses the TARGET'S attack stat.

If Pokemon A had 500 Attack, Pokemon B had 100 Attack, they both used Foul Play on Pokemon C, and both Pokemon A and B had no burned status, then they'd both have the same damage rolls on Pokemon C.
My point is that when a pokemon has high attack i think it should use physical move where if a pokemon has high sp attack it should use special moves.
But that doesn't matter in this case. Even if a Pokemon had a high Special Attack stat, it could use Foul Play to the same effectiveness that a Pokemon with a high Attack stat could.
So why game freakmade attack stat and physical and special moves then?
For moves which account for the user's Attack/Special Attack... aka almost every move in the game.